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Genome database for Felis catus

This web site contains genomic data obtained from the study for "AnAms1.0: A high-quality chromosome-scale assembly of a domestic cat Felis catus of American Shorthair breed" (Isobe, Matsumoto, Chung, Sakamoto, et al. BioRxiv, 2020. )

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Our cat

American Shorthair
Genome specs.
20 sequences (19 chromosomes + 1 unplaced)
2.49 Gbp in total

Assembly and annotation version

The current version of the genome assembly is ver1.0 (AnAms1.0).
The genome sequences are also available from the INSDC under the accession number BioProject:PRJDB9879.

The current version of the annotation is ver1.0 revision 1.0.2 (AnAms1.0r1.0.2).


The data provided in this web site is freely available for academic purposes. Please cite the preprint posted on BioRxiv if you use the data obtained from the web site. DOI: 10.1101/2020.05.19.103788

Inquiries and feedback

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